ill pay u $7 to have a crush on me


I usually hate hard apple cider (gimme a dark beer anyday) but this brand is alright. My eyes are so red and puffy today, hopefully I can sleep tonight.

Title: In Waves
Artist: Trivium
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Possible remedies when Aquarius is unhappy.


I really wish tumblr wasn’t so unforgiving because it’s resulted in this overly cautious environment where everyone is deathly afraid to be unintentionally offensive

There is no surefire way to avoid offending someone, offensive content varies from person to person and there is absolutely no way to satisfy everyone

And because of that you shouldn’t have to walk on eggshells. Make mistakes, learn from them, have a good time.

Title: No Excuses
Artist: Alice in Chains
Played: 8883 times
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